Water pumps

Solar powered pump system

It is a system that operates irrigation pumps with solar energy instead of diesel and electricity, and this system is considered the most application of solar energy that gives economic feasibility
RGS is the owner of the largest business precedent for operating irrigation pumps with solar energy and has implemented more than 7000 irrigation stations with different capacities from 5 kW to 180 kW The total capacity is 180 megawatts, and RGS accounts for two-thirds of the solar energy market in operating solar powered pumps.
RGS uses the best components on the market

  • Slabs ( JINKO – TOPRAY – JA SOLAR) 
  • inverter ( VICHI – YASKAWA – INVT – VACON) 
  • Carrier chassis 
  • DC cables 
  • protection board
  • And mechanical components (motor and pump)

RGS has a lot of installment payment systems. The company provides a term Installments from one year to 5 years without down payment 


  • Agricultural tenure 
  • Usufruct contracts 
  • Delivery records
  • Contracts of the Egyptian countryside
  • Agricultural statement
  • A copy of the customer ID 
  • A copy of the guarantor ID of an employee or one who has a source of income or a commercial registry 
  • Bank or postal checks 

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