Chairman of Board of Directors

RGS is a leading company in the field of solar energy and its goal from the beginning is to use small solar cells, especially decentralized production plants that are installed in residential and commercial buildings, public buildings, hotels and industrial facilities, which is a catalyst for the spread of the use of small solar power plants connected to the network in addition to establishing Centers to provide technical support and consultations, increase the proportion of the local manufacturing component, prepare technical cadres and support the emerging markets for this technology in Egypt, accompanied by new job opportunities for young people, and remove barriers to increasing energy production by means of small solar cells.

Company RGS is the leader in the field of solar energy in Egypt and the Middle East. We always strive to provide effective solutions to improve the environment and reduce fuel use, by providing the smartest solar energy solutions, which are high-quality products suitable for residential and commercial use at the best prices.

Our products

  • Solar heaters
  • The best gas central heating solutions
  • Irrigation pumps provided with the latest technology
  • Gas boilers
  • Solar power stations
  • Lighting poles that will save you a lot

Our Vision

Progress and upgrading the level of services that we provide so that we become a leading company in the world in the field of integrated solar energy thanks to our human resources and excellence in services and commercial integrity and care for society and the environment and providing the needs of individuals and institutions, spreading awareness among people of the importance of using solar energy

Our mission

.Helping individuals and entities produce their energy, rather than just consumers

.Enhancing a base of skilled technical engineers in the field of solar cell system

.Enhancing local manufacturing opportunities for solar system components 

.Work with local financial institutions to increase the financing available for small and medium renewable energy projects